Live each day with gratitude and mindfulness. This has been often said but never really completely understood. The need to live each moment is realised either when we have lost or regret. This shouldn’t be the case though! The moments that we take for granted are the ones we must cherish the most. The people and things around us that let us be us are what we must be most grateful for. Spend time with them with utter presence and mindfulness. Be in the moment and see how things change! Multitasking is a myth! Do each action with complete focus and enjoyment and one learns true happiness. 

As life flows we flow and at some junctures there’s challenges or difficulties we think of as problems. I see these as reminders of what we need to learn or reinforce. At times they are a second chance at learning what we have often ignored. 

Don’t wait till it’s too late to love each moment and do all that you want to! Circumstances, health, responsibilities are all fluid; hence whenever one has the chance one must grab it and make the most of it! 

Cheers to living a complete and fulfilling life that’s not a dream but a reality!